If you’re facing divorce or separation, it’s difficult to know where to turn for advice. You may be feeling confused, distressed and anxious about what the future holds.  This will lead to big changes to your life and the life of your family, which is why you should only work with a family law team who put your interests above all else.  Here at Bleasdale & Co. Solicitors Limited, we understand how difficult divorce can be when property, money and the on-going care of your children is at stake.

Our Family Team includes  experienced Solicitors all of whom have considerable expertise and we specialise in the following areas:

Whatever your issue, we will offer a sympathetic ear and a sensitive approach along with the determination when necessary to achieve the resolution you are looking for.

Costs involved:-

An average divorce costs approximately £600 plus vat which includes the drafting of all court documents, legal advice and correspondence being sent and received to both the court and the other side.

Cases involving straightforward financial matters incur average costs of approximately £1,500 plus vat. This includes the necessary exchange of financial disclosure, legal advice, negotiations and discussions necessary to achieve an overall financial settlement. It also includes the drafting of a consent order and other associated documents to achieve a final order and put into effect the settlement reached.

Cases involving children disputes incur average costs of £1,500 plus vat. This includes advice, corresponding with the other side, a referral to mediation if required and the drafting of the court application if necessary.

Please be aware that each case is different and the costs involved are very much dependant upon the individual circumstances. The level of work in each case varies.

The above is intended to provide an average indication of potential costs involved in each of the main areas of family law. Costs are discussed with each client at the outset of their case so clients have a better understanding of potential costs to be incurred.

It is important to note that cases can escalate quite quickly and thus costs can too. For example,  if it becomes necessary to involve the court or the other side to a case issues an application, then costs will increase due to the additional work required. An average financial remedy case is likely to cost on average an additional £3-5,000 plus vat. An average Children Act case can cost an additional £2-3,000 plus vat.


In addition to our fees there may be court fees to pay. Court fees:-

£550 to issue a divorce petition

£255 to issue financial remedy proceedings

£215 to issue an application for a child arrangements order

Sarah Elisabeth De-Maine (Solicitor and Director) is a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel.

Pam Thomas (Solicitor and Director)

Shannon Skilling (Trainee Solicitor)

Clare Maudling (Paralegal)