Recent client feedback

We received some great feedback from clients recently (which they have given us permission to share).

“In all the mayhem of our house completion, we didn’t get round to sending you a proper thank you. Our move might not have been far in distance, but with a difficult six household chain involved it felt at times like we were trying to move to the Moon! Your professional, friendly and (sometimes much needed) calming way of doing business helped us get there in the end though, and without all your help and encouragement I am not sure we wouldn’t have just given up at certain points! We thought about sending some flowers or chocolates into office to say thank you, but we aren’t even sure you will be back in the office at the moment due to Covid. We thought it might be better then to make a donation to a charity of your choice instead. If you would like to nominate a charity we will do that if you are in agreement”.

Of course we agreed and they kindly donated to Centrepoint which helps out young homeless people. What a lovely thing to do, thank you!