Accidents In Public Areas

If you have suffered an accident in a public place, for example, a slip or trip on a pavement or an accident in a shop or elsewhere, you may be entitled to compensation.

Bleasdale & Co. Solicitors Limited successfully recover compensation each year for a large number of clients injured in this type of accident. We have the specialist experience and resources required to effectively pursue these claims.

We will arrange to inspect the location of the accident in order to properly investigate the cause and assess liability. We will obtain the relevant evidence which may be crucial to the success of your claim.

If you suffer an accident, what steps should you take?

Always seek medical attention if you are injured

If possible photograph the site and cause of the accident using a mobile phone (sites can change or be cleaned up quickly and the cause of the accident removed)

Ask for contact details of any witnesses

Report the accident to the establishment you are in if it is a public place

Contact us for advice as soon as possible