Buying and selling your property, or indeed any property transaction, can be a very stressful time where the emotional, as well as the financial investment, can be considerable.  Bleasdale & Co Solicitors has had the pleasure of assisting clients with conveyancing transactions for nearly 100 years with generations of families coming through our doors.  It is always our pleasure to take on new clients but our greatest reward is seeing clients return through the relationship we have built and excellent service provided.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Bleasdale & Co Solicitors for your conveyancing transaction:

Our service is tailored to your needs

At the start of your conveyancing transaction you will be introduced to, and provided with, contact details of your Conveyancer who will deal with your transaction from start to finish.  We pride ourselves on the personal touch and have no interest in providing a “Call Centre Service”  where you would speak to different  members of staff each time and feel that you were going round in circles with no one member of staff getting to grips with your transaction or taking responsibility.  We pride ourselves on providing an individual, friendly, tailored, personal service to clients from start to finish where we are genuinely responsive to our clients’ needs.


We communicate by your preferred choice, ie. post, telephone or e-mail and ensure that throughout your transaction that the personal touch is not lost.  We encourage face to face contact and, at the start of your transaction, we would arrange an “initial face to face appointment” where your requirements are discussed so that we establish your aims and objectives from the outset.  Further face to face appointments are also likely to be required, ie. when we request that you sign documentation.

We appreciate that modern day pressures mean that sometimes appointments are difficult to attend in office hours and, if this is the case, we will accommodate out of office appointments at no extra charge.  We also appreciate that, at times face to face appointments may not be possible, ie. if a client lives out of the area.  If this is the case again we will endeavour to accommodate the clients’ requirements subject to due diligence being carried out.

Easy to understand service … no legal jargon.

When dealing with your transaction, our Conveyancers remember that legal jargon can be difficult to understand and we tailor our communication to avoid as much legal jargon as possible and endeavour to use straight forward, simple explanations as much as possible.

Understanding and Know How

Property transactions are not always problem-free, but our hands-on and individual approach means that if there are complications they can be quickly dealt with by an experienced Conveyancer.

Not everyone’s timescales are the same. Some clients require a transaction to move as quickly as possible and others have a key date in mind which ties in with other commitments, holidays for example. Let us know at the start of your transaction and we will ensure that we negotiate with the other parties involved to try and achieve your requirements.  We find in conveyancing transactions that communication is key.


Our aim is to provide transparency with what we charge our clients.  Depending on the complexity/nature of the transaction we may be able to agree a fixed fee or alternatively advise you of the hourly charging rates.

We confirm that our fees aim to cover all of the work required to complete your transaction including Land Registry Fees and Search Fees etc.  You may also be required to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax and you can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using the HMRC’s website. 

Residential Property

Bleasdale & Co Solicitors can assist you with your residential conveyancing transaction and provide details as to costs at the outset of the transaction.

Click here to read our conveyancing costs to work out the cost of buying your (freehold/leasehold) residential property or selling your (freehold/leasehold) residential property or for the transfer, re-mortgage or mortgage of the same.

For any other conveyancing transaction where you would like an estimate of cost, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

If it becomes apparent throughout your conveyancing transaction that there are complications or unusual aspects, we will inform you of our findings as soon as we can and advise as to whether such complications or unusual aspects will affect the estimate of costs provided.

Commercial Property

Bleasdale & Co Solicitors can assist you with your commercial property transaction and provide details as to costs at the outset of the transaction. We would usually charge commercial property transactions on an hourly charging rate.

For any other conveyancing transaction where you would like an estimate of cost. please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our Expertise and Specialisms

Residential Property Transactions

Commercial Property Transactions