What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is a voluntary process that is often a successful way of enabling couples to resolve their disputes without the need for Court litigation.  Mediation is not a form of Counselling as it is not designed for reconciliation but for assisting separating or divorcing couples to sort out arrangements to do with their children and/or their finances.

Family Mediation: How does it work?

A trained Family Mediation Solicitor is an impartial professional who helps couples resolve their disputes.  Family Mediators attend meetings with you and your partner to help you work out a settlement for the issues that you cannot agree on.

Family Mediation: Assessment

The first job of the Family Mediation Solicitor will be to determine whether or not the process of Mediation is suitable for both parties.  The Mediator will speak to each of you briefly about the process to ensure that you understand how it works.  Provided both parties are prepared to engage with the Mediation process and provided the Mediation Solicitor believes the matter is capable of being dealt with by Mediation further Mediation meetings will be scheduled.

Following on from these discussions the Family Mediator will prepare a summary of any proposals and include a summary of financial information.  These details will be then sent out to both parties to discuss with their individual Solicitors as the Mediator cannot provide either of you with legal advice.  If both parties are happy with the proposals then the Solicitors for each party will then ensure that the agreement is recorded in to a legally binding document and carry out any necessary implementation.

There are a number of advantages to Mediation which include:-

  • It is less expensive and does not take as long as the Court process
  • It is less acrimonious than going to Court
  • You have the power to control when and how meetings  take place
  • It improves communication between couples by allowing them to express their hopes and fears in a safe environment
  • Better communication means a better outcome for the children of the relationship after separation
  • You decide the outcome rather than have a Court decide it for you

If you feel Family Mediation will assist, please contact one of our Family Solicitors who will provide you with further advice.