If you are being investigated for a criminal offence or have been arrested, it is not a pleasant experience.

The time prior to arrest, at the police station or immediately afterwards is crucial for any defendant if they wish to protect their legal rights.

We hold a Criminal Contract from the Legal Aid Agency.  We provide knowledge and legal expertise in all areas of Criminal work.  Many cases qualify for Legal Aid, which means that there may be no cost to you, or there may be a contribution towards those costs.

We are a well-established Practice in West Cumbria offering clients expert assistance in all aspects of criminal law.  We have developed a reputation for a professional and efficient service, initially cultivated by Tom Bleasdale, spanning over the last forty years.

We are available to assist clients at Workington, Whitehaven or Carlisle Police Stations day or night.  All representation at the Police Station is covered by Legal Aid, and so there will be no cost to you.

Providing representation at Workington and Carlisle Magistrates Courts as well as Carlisle Crown Court and we can also arrange representation at any other Court in the Country.  Many Magistrates Court, and most Crown Court cases qualify for Legal Aid although depending on your means there may be a contribution to pay.  Please enquire for more details.

For privately funded cases in the Magistrates Courts depending on the nature of the case we can usually provide a fixed quote for the costs involved.

For example a guilty plea fixed fee would be in the region of £400 plus VAT.  This does not include disbursements and presumes the case will be dealt with in a single hearing.

A Trial will usually cost in the region of £1,500 plus VAT.  This does not include disbursements such as expert witnesses, and presumes a Trial concluding in a single day of evidence.  It also presumes preparation time of up to 3 hours.

In the event that anticipated costs are likely to increase then a revised quote will be provided in accordance with our Terms of Business.

We specialise in the following areas:

We can also provide expertise in representation with  respect to non-Police matters in the local Court.